Cannon Cart Preview


Did you know that Clash Royale is getting a new card called the Cannon Cart? Learn about the new Cannon Cart card here.

The Cannon Cart is going to be launched alongside the Mega Knight, the Skeleton Barrel, and the flying Machine.

Upon it’s release, the Cannon Cart will receive it’s own draft challenge. Find out more about the Cannon Cart below:

  • Once the Cannon Cart is available, it will be unlocked after reaching Arena 10.
  • The Cannon Cart took inspiration from the Sparky legendary card. The Cannon Card is a siege-like weapon on wheels. This means it can move and still deal out damage at long range like the standard Cannon can.
  • The Cannon Cart has a unique health bar. Once the Cannon loses half of it’s health, the cart will be destroyed and the Cannon Cart will stop moving.
  • The Cannon Cart will cost 5 elixir to place.
  • Despite being similar to the Cannon, the Cannon Cart does more damage and has higher health points.
  • At level 1, the Cannon Cart has 1028 health points (524 for it’s cannon and 524 for it’s cart.)
  • The Cannon Cart has 153 damage, or 127 DPS at level 1, whilst the standard Cannon has 60 damage, or 75 damage per second at level 1.
  • The Cannon Cart is expected┬áto have the same range as┬áthe standard Cannon, at 5.5 tiles.
  • With the Cannon Cart in Clash Royale, the standard Cannon may be kicked out of meta almost entirely.
  • The Cannon Cart is surprisingly fast – it moves faster than the Valkyrie, Giant, Musketeer, and Barbarians, as an example.
  • The Cannon Cart moves as fast as the Skeleton. For an accurate example of how fast the Cannon Cart can move, play a new game and place the Skeleton next to the Valkyrie.

What did you think of this Cannon Cart preview? Are you excited for the Cannon Card?


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