Flying Machine Preview


The Flying Machine is a brand new card coming to Clash Royale very soon. If you don’t know anything about the Flying Machine yet, this is the place to be.

We’ll be taking a look at all of the information we currently know about the Flying Machine below.

  • Once released, the Flying Machine will be unlocked after reaching Arena 9
  • The Flying Machine will cost 4 Elixir to place
  • The Flying Machine is essentially a flying barrel with a cannon inside. It will have the highest range in the game – it can hit up to 6 tiles away. It’s also one of the fastest moving troop cards in Clash Royale.
  • At level 1, the Flying Machine will deal 81 damage per second – this is more than the 75 damage per second from the standard Cannon. This additional damage increase, and the additional range and portability will make the Flying Machine a much more appealing choice when compared to the Cannon.
  • When the Flying Machine is released, it should have it’s own draft challenge event. It’s been confirmed that all of the most recent cards will have their own draft challenge. This includes the Flying Machine, the Skeleton Barrel, the Mega Knight, and the Cannon Cart.
  • The highest level for the Flying Machine is 11 – at this level it will deal 207 damage per second and will have 742 health points. Interestingly, the highest level for the Cannon is level 13 – at this level it will deal 231 damage per second and will have 1,081 health points. This means that for raw damage, the Cannon actually does better at the cap level.

That’s all we know about the Flying Machine so far! Hopefully we’ll have more information on the card very soon. We’ll let you know more when we know more.

What are your thoughts on the Flying Machine? Do you think it will be a good addition to Clash Royale?


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