How to Counter Golem


Want to know how to counter the Golem effectively in Clash Royale? We’ve got all the tips you could need below!

Take a read through our tips and you’ll be prepared to take on the frightening Golem in style.

  • A Golem card is very expensive to place. It costs 8 Elixir, so as long as you take it down with 8 Elixir or less, you’ll be at an advantage no matter what cards you use. Because of this, don’t be afraid to play down all of the effective cards in your hand.
  • When the Golem is destroyed, it will deal damage to the nearby area and spawn two mini Golems. This can easily destroy swarm cards and deal extra damage to towers. Try to take out the Golem before it reaches your tower and make sure you have a high hit-point troop card to deal with the aftermath.
  • You can use the high-elixir cost of the Golem to your advantage by placing down your own offensive attack on the opposite lane. Your opponent will have no elixir left to place an effective defense against your push.
  • The Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon are great methods for dealing with the Golem. Their increasing damage will easily destroy the Golem if left alive for long enough.
  • Place down a tank to soak up damage from the Golem, then use the Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower on the back lines for an effective two-card Golem counter.
  • If you know your opponent has the Golem, avoid the double Elixir period – it’ll be harder to deal with the Golem once your player has access to more Elixir.
  • With that sentiment in mind, make sure to destroy any Elixir collectors so that your opponent can’t gain enough of an Elixir advantage to make the Golem a safer play.

Did you enjoy reading our tips for countering the Golem? Would you add anything to this list? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.


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