Spell Card Ranking: Which Is Best?


After taking a look through all of the spell cards in Clash Royale, we have come to a conclusion – some are just so much better than others.

We’ve created the Clash Royale Master spell card ranking to help you find out which spells are worth using, and which spells are worth donating away. Right then, let’s get into it!

Please note that the spell card ranking could change when buffs or nerfs and added to any of the spell cards.

15 – Heal

Heal is one of the least used cards in Clash Royale. It serves a good purpose as a reactive measure to slow down attacks, but it can’t be used very well as an offensive spell card, something which every other spell card can do spectacularly.

14 – Mirror

The Mirror is a great card. It can Mirror your last played card, but it can be expensive – if you want to make the most out of Mirror, you’d need to replay high cost Elixir cards.

This makes Mirror a very high risk, high reward card to use that’s almost entirely dependent on the Elixir collector or the double Elixir period.

13 – Lightning

Lightning can be used to damage and stun up to three enemy troops at once. It does high damage, and it’s generally a good card, but the 6 Elixir cost puts it’s risk level higher than other options such as the Zap.

12 – Rage

Rage is actually a very good card – it can be used to turn the tides of a battle very quickly. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to counter the Rage spell so it has to be timed perfectly.

11 – Goblin Barrel

The Goblin Barrel is a useful spell card that’s perfect for initiating swarms or doing chunk damage to towers. We have little to complain about here, but the next spells are just so much more versatile.

10 – Poison

This card is the opposite to heal – it will damage enemies in a selected area for a limited amount of time. It can turn battles in your favor and it can be used offensively.

9 – Freeze

The Freeze card can stop enemies in their tracks for a short time. The Freeze spell is useful for so many different scenarios. Even if you didn’t have a specific strategy to use with it, it’d still be a useful way to turn things in your favor.

8 – Tornado

The Tornado spell card is powerful and can move enemies across the arena. It’s very useful for displacing any enemies that may be about to deal damage to your towers. Using the Tornado effectively can take some practise.

7 – Rocket

The Rocket is an area of effect damage spell. It’s area of effect is small, but the damage it does in that small area is massive.

6 – Fireball

The Fireball is another great area of effect damage spell. It has a slightly larger area of effect when compared to the Rocket, and it’s damage is still impressive.

5 – Arrows

The Arrows card is in our opinion one of the best area of effect damage spells. It does less damage than the aforementioned two, but it’s damage area is massive.

4 – Clone

For just 3 Elixir, you can Clone one of your best cards already out on the battlefield. The cloned version has low health points, but it will do the same damage as the original version.

3 – Zap

Zap is used in almost every meta deck these days. Not only can Zap cause damage, but it can also stun enemies briefly, stop charges from cards like the Prince, and reset damage from cards like the Inferno Dragon.

2 – The Log

Surprise, surprise, the last two cards in this list are legendary cards. With it’s low cost, The Log is incredibly versatile and can be used to gain an advantage in so many different scenarios.

1 – Graveyard

Graveyard isn’t only the best spell card; it’s the best legendary card. This can spawn up to 17 skeletons in a selected area over time.


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