Best Dart Goblin Decks


The Dart Goblin isn’t used as often as it perhaps should be in Clash Royale. If you’d like to show the Dart Goblin some love, why not try one of these great Dart Goblin decks?

We’ve looked long and far for the best Dart Goblin decks and we think the three we’ve outlined below are among the best.

Your_Boi_Toni’s Non Meta Dart Goblin Deck

This deck uses both the Dart Goblin and the Princess as a very non meta win condition. The other card choices for this deck are interesting as well.

Cards to use: Dart Goblin, Princess, Rocket, Inferno Tower, Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Skeleton Army, The Log

Firstly, there are two main pairs to this deck; the aforementioned Princess and Dart Goblin combo, and the Hog Rider and Ice Spirit combo.

Besides these two main win conditions, you also have the Skeleton Army and Rocket for useful counters to many plays from the other player. The Log is also a good counter and is very versatile given it’s low Elixir cost.

The Inferno Tower is a straight-up defense card for keeping your side of the arena safe. Learn more about this deck here.

EliSolo’s Goblin Cycle Deck

The main goal with this deck is to push out as many Hog Rider offensive pushes as possible. Each time you send out the Hog Rider, send it out with one of the many support cards.

Cards to use: Dart Goblin, Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, Ice Golem, Cannon, Fireball, The Log, Ice Spirit

The Ice Spirit and The Log are both versatile cards, but they’re also useful for cycling through your deck so that you can get the Hog Rider in your hand.

Once you have the Hog Rider, pair it with either of the following in an offensive push: Mini PEKKA, Dart Goblin, Ice Golem, or Ice Spirt.

Learn more about this deck here.

BornVersatile’s Dart Goblin Hog Rider Control Deck

This final deck is a control deck that uses the Hog Rider and Dart Goblin alongside the PEKKA.

Cards to use: Dart Goblin, Hog Rider, PEKKA, Executioner, Zap, Lightning, Tornado, Goblin Gang

In this deck, it’s best to play it slowly – react to your opponents with strong defenses. You can use the Dart Goblin, Executioner and Goblin Gang as your main line of defense, alongside the three spell cards in this deck.

Once you’ve scouted our your opponent’s deck, place down your Hog Rider as soon as any potential counters are dealt with. After that, back up the Hog Rider with the Lightning spell and any support cards.

Learn more about this deck here.

What did you think of these Dart Goblin decks?


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