New Update: What Are Princess Towers?


Have you seen the new update for Clash Royale? Princess towers have been added to the game! If you’re wondering what Princess towers are, read more here!

What Are Princess Towers?

Princess towers are redesigned versions of the original Crown towers in Clash Royale. Princess towers take up the same two tower spots that the Crown towers took in the older version of Clash Royale.

What’s Different With Princess Towers?

There’s no difference to the new Princess towers besides the new appearance. The new Princess towers are now manned by the Princess character – she fires arrows down upon any troops that reach the tower’s effective radius.

The Princess towers are identical to one another in appearance, but they now look significantly different to the King tower. This new chance is a small adjustment from Supercell to make it easier for new players to distuinguish between the two tower types.

Despite the appearance of the damage markers being updated alongside the overall tower appearance change, the towers still do the same damage as before and still do the same type of damage.

What Else Can We Expect In The Future?

This change was a surprise to most of us in the Clash Royale community – we didn’t receive any previous announcements for the Princess Tower, but it’s certainly a welcome change. It could mean that more cosmetic overhauls are planned for the future.

It also begs one question to be asked – if the Princess towers now feature a character from an unlockable card, will we ever get the King card in Clash Royale? It’s certainly not out of the question. If we’re lucky, we’ll see the King card as a new legendary card release in the near future.

The most recent legendary card to be added to Clash Royale was the Mega Knight. You can learn more about the most recent card release here.


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