Will 2 V 2 Battles Come Back?


You may have noticed that the 2 V 2 battles feature in Clash Royale is no longer available. This special feature was only available for a limited time, and it has since been removed from the game.

It would seem strange for Supercell to remove a feature that they worked so hard to implement – we’re hoping that the 2 v 2 Battle will come back permanently in the future.

Will 2 V 2 Battles Come Back?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is a definite yes! The Supercell team working on Clash Royale has confirmed that the 2 V 2 battles mode will come back in July.

In July, the entire month will feature 2 v2 battle modes for all players to get involved in. Supercell has already dubbed July to be theĀ “Summer of 2v2.” During this time, there’s expected to be more challenges and 2 v 2 related content.

After July, the 2 v 2 battles mode will be removed from Clash Royale once again. At this point, Supercell will take a look at the mode and see how the community responded to it to decide whether it’s worth putting back in the game in the future.

Supercell want as much feedback as they can get, so if we all play the 2 v 2 game mode as much as possible in July, there will be more chance that they’ll see that we like the game mode and that it should come back as a permanent game mode.

Even if the game mode doesn’t come back forever, at least we’ll have the entirety of July to play 2 v 2 battles as much as we want. Hopefully, though, we’ll see it again after July at some point. We’re certainly looking forward to the 2 v 2 fun next month in July.

Are you looking forward to the Summer of 2 v 2? What other new game modes could be added to Clash Royale? Share your thoughts below!


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